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OCC Beast 709B
AAA 18413414

709B_OCC BEAST 709B_18413414 (2)_EDIT.jpg

OCC Beast 709B is a full ET brother to the legendary OCC Big Time 746Z.  Like his full brother he has tremendous muscle mass and thickness.  Looking through the Vet's semen testing notes from last spring it was noted "7 year old bull with excellent semen".  This gentle giant sires calves that are thick and big volumed in there type and kind.  His dam, OCC Dixie Erica 771R and granddam, OCC Dixie Erica 776M are exceptional cows.  You will really like the Beast calves!

OCC Deadline 775D
AAA 19067902

775D_O C C Deadline 775D_19067902 (2)_rt.jpg

OCC Deadline 775D is a moderate birth weight, really thick, stout, easy fleshing bull.  He traces back to the dam of OCC Anchor 771A three times.  OCC Juanada 709V is the maternal power of the Juanda cow family.  Deadline's dam, OCC Revolution Rose 603Y is a very efficient, beautiful uddered OCC Linebred 661L daughter.

OCC Thumper 819T
AAA 16293203


OCC Thumper 819T is a bull that will change things up.  This cow bull has daughters that are big volumed, easy fleshing and low maintenance cattle with tremendous muscle shape.

OCC Faithful 725F
AAA 19698273

725F_OCC FAITHFUL 725F_19698273.JPEG

OCC Faithful 725 is a nice OCC Zodiac 655Z son out of OCC Juanada 633R a cow that raised over $60,000 in bull calves at Ohlde Cattle Company.  He is a moderate birth weight bull with length of rib and loin and has high WW and YW ratios.

OCC Big Time 746Z

AAA 17696450

OCC Big Time 746Z is an OCC Rear End 751R son that has natural thickness, performance, mass and eye appeal. He has proven to be a great replacement for his sire, OCC Rear End, who has limited semen availability. He has been used extensively in our program. 

OCC Accolade 825A
AAA 18078529

825A_OCC ACCOLADE 825A_18078529.jpg

OCC Accolade 825A is a balanced and really complete bull. He is a little larger framed than other OCC sires and has more growth.  In the 2015 Ohlde Cattle Company sale it was commented that he was "Certainly one of the best bulls we've ever sold".  This bull was used AI.

OCC Rear End 751R
AAA 15649977


OCC Rear End 751R is a very deep, heavy muscled bull with unbelievable style, balance, and excellent feet and legs.  His sire, OCC Homer 650H has done it all when it comes to calving ease and maternal quality with longevity.  His maternal grand sire, OCC Joker 620J, sires moderate sized females with excellent fleashing ability and great udder quality.

OCC Daybreak 743D
AAA 19068490

743D_EDITED BEST PICTURE_O C C Daybreak 743D_19068490.jpg

OCC Daybreak 743D is a really soggy, deep bull.  He was purchased from Ohlde Cattle Company in their 2018 sale.  Is dam, OCC Juanada 710K is known as "The Belly Dragger" and is considered one of the best OCC Anchor 771A daughters ever.  The sisters to Daybreak have volume, udders and capacity.

Open A Z2236 Wart D330
AAA 18681041

D330_OPEN A Z2236 WART D330_18681041_4.jpg

Open A Z2236 Wart D330 is a larger framed, bigger outlined son of OCC Work of Art 766W.  His dam Open A UP Krystle Z2236 is a grand daughter of Open A Krystle 69L, double bred Leachman Right Time daughter that was one of the best cows raised at Open A.  Open A Krystle 69L was the dam of Open A 8180 179T ET a bull that raised stylish, well balanced cattle and was sold to Silbernagel Angus as a senior herd sire.

OCC Zodiac 655Z
AAA  17715632


OCC Alpha 700A
AAA  18041805

OCC ALPHA 700A.jpg

OCC Devoted 794D
AAA  19067906

794D_edited_OCC DEVOTED 794D_19067906 (2).jpg

OCC Devoted 794D is a low birth weight bull with extreme fleshing ability.  His granddam, OCC Dixie Erica 771R is the dam to OCC Big Time 746Z.  He was purchased from the Ohlde Cattle Company 2018 Sale.

OCC Champ 777C

777C_EDITED_O C C Champ 777C_18736730 (5).jpg

Open A 145W Moderator E186
AAA  18965155

E186_Open A 145W Moderator E186_ rt.jpg

OCC Zar 896Z
AAA  17995884

OCC ZAR 869Z.jpg
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